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Our customer is our hero. You inspire us to continue to make life-changing products by sharing your amazing results by using CheveuxRx.  

Jessica, Donna, and April share their success stories using CheveuxRx. We love hearing how Cheveux has helped your hair loss journey, here are some of our favorite stories.

Beauty Influencer Jessica Carroll

Beauty, Lifestyle, and Fashion blogger Jessica Carroll tried and reviewed CheveuxRx Supplements against Sugar Bear Hair for 4 months and received amazing results. Her hair grew 4 inches in 4 months, which is an average of 1 inch per month. Thank you Jessica for your honest review, we're excited for your hair growth journey.

Entrepreneur Donna Cosic  

“Hi, my name is Donna. I had a friend of mine who has been losing hair throughout the years. And as she has been losing her hair, I noticed her hair has been thinning out. One day, she came to me and asked me to look at her hair. When I looked at her hair, I was amazed to see it thick! I said what are you using? She said Cheveux. And so I immediately bought some for my family members who do have thinning hair lines, and I’m excited to see those results!”

Licensed Pharmacist April Bryant

As a licensed pharmacist for over 20 years, April Bryant gives her expert opinion of CheveuxRx supplements. "With higher amounts of active ingredients such as biotin that really help with hair growth. You're not only getting high doses of specific supplements such as trace minerals, biotin, and other nutrients that help regrow your hair. But it also provides everything you need for general health."

Traicey Finder

Traicey is a busy and successful Account Executive. She was referred to our product from the advice of her friend who had great results. Here is her unboxing video. A pretty package for beautiful results. Hand-packed and filled with love. The thing she loves most about our supplements? They have all the vitamins she takes daily plus the ones she has been meaning to add to her regimen.

P.S. She promises to give us an update video about her results.

"Throughout the year I typically have seasons of shedding. Nothing big, just a week or 2 where I lose more hair than normal. But about 6 months ago, I started shedding more than usual… for longer than usual. My hairstylist recommended several treatments, I started taking hair vitamins (I tried several different brands), and I started massaging my scalp. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to work. And then a friend recommended Cheveux. I reluctantly ordered it and I am so happy that I did. I have been using Cheveux for just over a month and already my results have been nothing short of amazing. The shedding has completely stopped, and I actually have new growth around my edges. An extra bonus is that I now have tons of energy!"

Amazing results!!!
Pamela Aguilar ( United States )

7 APR 2019

"I have always had super thick hair. It was one of my best physical attributes. After a stressful life as a pharmacist and the birth of my three kids, I had lost at least 1/3 to 1/2 of my hair. My hair had receded in the crown area, and I no longer wanted to wear my hair half up. After only two months of taking the Cheveux supplements and enrolling in their new prescription women’s hair growth program, I have started sprouting new hairs like crazy. You can see in the picture all the new baby hairs! I would definitely recommend this product to any woman that wants to get back her beautiful hair. Thanks Cheveux!!"


Finally! Regrowth of my receding hairline!!
April ( United States )

7 APR 2019

"I’ve been dealing with thinning hair for quite some time and have tried many different vitamins and medicated shampoos. Nothing seemed to be helping. Until I found Cheveux! Although it’s only been 1 month, I can already see the difference! New hair growth is thicker and shinier. And an added bonus is that my nails are also growing faster and stronger as well! Thinning hair is a difficult thing to deal with as a female. The way this product comes packaged makes it feel like a little treat for yourself, not the typical boring sterile supplement. As a busy working mom I appreciate the single dose packs. I toss a few in my purse to take while I’m on the go. I am extremely pleased with the results from this product and highly recommend it!"

Absolutely amazing!!
Melissa Terese ( United States )

11 APR 2019

"I bought this supplement because a friend of mine uses this line and her hair has been transformed!!! She has about three times as much hair as before! It’s been almost a month since i bought my supplements, and I am starting to see a difference in growth already. I can’t wait to see more results in a month or two, will update"




Transformation in a pill
Sara Woodward ( United States )

18 FEB 2019

"I have had AMAZING results with new hair growth in just 1.5-2 months! You can see some of the new growth popping up in the picture. I have also noticed that my eye lashes have grown as well as my nails! I love the individual packets which make it easy when traveling or on the go. I highly recommend this product."

Noticeable new hair growth in 1.5 months!
Ginger C ( United States )

16 APR 2019

"I ordered this on a whim, but was so pleasantly surprised when it arrived. The packaging was both beautiful and inspiring. It's been super simple to get started and I can't wait for the results!"


So excited to be using this - and it's so pretty!
Chris Johnson ( United States )

28 MAR 2019

"Fab.U.Lous. Cheuveux is a product that was recommended to me by a friend who has been using it for over a year. Her hair was noticeably fuller and shiney. I’ve been using it for 6 months and LOVE the results. The applicator makes it easy to apply just the right amount with no wastage. Also, the nutrients increase the efficacy of program. I love the way my hair feels, looks and styles. I have recommended this product to many friends (and have purchased it for as gifts)."

Healthy, shiney and FULL locks
Peter Guyer ( United States )

7 FEB 2019

"Cheveux is a great hair product that I would highly recommend. If you have loss of hair or your hair is thinning, this product will do wonders in a short period of time. I had tried everything to get my hair to grow and nothing seemed to work until I tried Cheveux. I have received so many complements on my hair recently, its very exciting to see my hair to grow again."


Quality product for hair loss
G. Keeley ( United States )

1 DEC 2019

"So my wife has been using this product for over a month and she is already seeing a difference! I can’t believe it’s as simple as taking these vitamins twice daily. That maybe the hardest thing about getting my wife’s hair thicker. Lol, she sometimes forgets but still sees a big difference. We will keep using this product and update the review."

It has thickened wife’s hair in 30 days
E. Hall ( United States )

28 JAN 2019

"I am so pleased that Cheveux is now on Amazon! This product is far superior than anything on the market. I've seen remarkable growth over the period I've been using it and love the convenience of ordering it on prime."


Superior Product!
Derek Gilbert ( United States )

20 APR 2019

"I’m absolutely thrilled with the results that I’ve experienced in a short time using this product! The science behind this much-needed solution is brilliant. I’m hoping that I won’t need my hair extensions any longer a few months from now. Bravo!!"


Brilliant product!
Suzie H. ( United States )

3 DEC 2019

"After 10 weeks of constant use, the serum is really working!!!! I was floored when I saw the difference!!! Looking forward to continuing the product and taking updated pictures!!! This does work!!!!!"


Amazon Customer ( United States )

30 AUG 2019

"I bought it for my dad and his hair is starting to grow back he loves it!"




Grew hair for my dad
Jonathan W. ( United States )

27 JAN 2020

"I started using this supplement about 3 months post partum because of the significant hair loss I had after I had my baby. I’ve been taking this for 6 months now and I have complete hair regrowth that is just over 2 inches long. My hair is growing faster than it ever has, it is coming in full replacing all the hair I lost after my baby and the new hair is the healthiest. This is the best hair supplement I have ever used with significant results that I am able to see."

Hair Supplement that WORKS!
Jordan ( United States )

7 JUNE 2019

"Go all the way and get the 90 day supply. It will take about 1 and a half months before you see a difference in your hair. Nail growth sooner. But, if you have lost hair, you will do many things to give it the appearance of thicker hair. Do something that works."

Great product
CoCo's Mom ( United States )

4 APR 2020

"I ordered 30 day supply as a friend had recommended them as she had tried them and was still taking the vitamins. She has had awesome results. I actually asked her the last time we had lunch what she was doing because her hair looked so great! 👍👍👍

Worth it! Saw a difference !!
Amazon Customer ( United States )

3 NOV 2019

"One of the things I really LOVE about this product is how convenient it is. The dose packaging makes it so easy to take along with you during a busy day so I never miss a dose.The results are incredible. My hair has grown in so thick and shiny."

The Dose Packaging makes it super easy to stay true to your daily supplements.
mfishgold ( United States )

21 FEB 2019

"I cannot wait to try this product!!!! I have seen some amazing results! And, I’m looking forward to great hair!!!!Now that I’ve been using it for a few months, I’ve had new growth and my hair is growing so quickly as well!!!!


Great hair! Update!
Amanda Cerjeski ( United States )

3 NOV 2019

"I’ve been using this product for about 6 months now and my hair stylist is shocked at how much growth I continue to have when I go see her every 6 weeks. My nails and skin are also looking healthier! I cannot day enough about this product"

Still seeing BIG results 6 months later!
Britney ( United States )

5 MAR 2019

"Simple to use and understand, delivering noticeable results in less than a month. I am very pleased!


Feel good and having success!
Paul S. ( United States )

26 JAN 2019

"My dermatologist commented that my hair was thinning on top but still full in the back. A pattern that she said was typical for people in their 40s (sigh). A friend mentioned that she had a massage client who had been using a new product and now had twice the amount of hair that she used to have, so I found out what the product was and ordered it. You won't see a big difference right away so be patient (after all, hair takes a while to grow). After about 30 days you will see new growth, and after 90 days you will have a noticable difference. Also these include your daily vitamins, so that is a nice bonus and helps offset the price. I asked the seller and she said it is recommended to use it long term to maintain your luscious new locks (like a plant that needs to be watered daily, your hair needs these vitamins to continue to remain that healthy)."

Amazing results!
D. R. ( United States )

5 JAN 2019